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Rewriting History: A Comment Fic Meme


Closed to new prompts. You can still fill prompts and talk to each other in the comments, but let's call it a day for now.  Thank you all for making it so incredibly kickass.  The prompts and replies have blown me away.

Time for a comment fic meme?  I thought so.

It's simple really - taking any fandom, character or pairing, prompt (and then write) a story where their personal history changes.  For example, what if Dana Scully hadn't been assigned to the X-Files when she was?  What if Oceanic 815 had made it to Los Angeles?  What if Erica Evans worked in the Boston field office instead of New York?  How about Sam Seaborn winning the California 47th?  Or if Andy Sachs couldn't get that Harry Potter manuscript?

Maybe there's an episode of your favourite show that didn't end how you'd like?  Prompt someone to write the ending that will make you happy (or sad, I don't know how you roll).  Perhaps there are characters in similar jobs on different shows you'd like to meet?  Well, why not send Addison Montgomery to PPTH?  Or have Wilson show up at House's apartment at the end of 6x22?  Think of it as your chance to resurrect much-missed characters, or kill off the ones you can't stand.  You see how this works ;)

How you write/interpret the prompt is up to you.  All I ask is that you follow this simple format:

Fandom, Pairing (or characters), prompt

e.g: Fringe, Olivia/Peter, what if the lady from the gift shop hadn't called Peter?

OR: West Wing, Josh, Donna, she takes the job offer from her college friend.

OR: Battlestar Galactica, Roslin/Adama, she does steal the election.

1. All fandoms and pairings are eligible - meaning het, slash and gen are both welcomed and encouraged. 

2. Crossovers are fine, just make sure you list both fandoms.  

3. Warn for spoilers if it's less than a week since an episode aired, or events are taken from unaired episode details.  

4. One prompt per comment please, and if your fic is too long for the 4300 character limit, please provide a link instead :)

5. A prompt can be filled more than once, so don't be shy!

Obviously, feel free to pimp the hell out of this, and get writing!

PIMP (html):
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